[openstack-dev] [cinder] Support share backup to different projects?

TommyLike Hu tommylikehu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 03:55:08 UTC 2018

Now Cinder can transfer volume (with or without snapshots) to different
projects,  and this make it possbile to transfer data across tenant via
volume or image. Recently we had a conversation with our customer from
Germany, they mentioned they are more pleased if we can support transfer
data accross tenant via backup not image or volume, and these below are
some of their concerns:

1. There is a use case that they would like to deploy their
develop/test/product systems in the same region but within different
tenants, so they have the requirment to share/transfer data across tenants.

2. Users are more willing to use backups to secure/store their volume data
since backup feature is more advanced in product openstack version
(incremental backups/periodic backups/etc.).

3. Volume transfer is not a valid option as it's in AZ and it's a
complicated process if we would like to share the data to multiple projects
(keep copy in all the tenants).

4. Most of the users would like to use image for bootable volume only and
share volume data via image means the users have to maintain lots of image
copies when volume backup changed as well as the whole system needs to
differentiate bootable images and none bootable images, most important, we
can not restore volume data via image now.

5. The easiest way for this seems to support sharing backup to different
projects, the owner project have the full authority while shared projects
only can view/read the backups.

6. AWS has the similar concept, share snapshot. We can share it by modify
the snapshot's create volume permissions [1].

Looking forward to any like or dislike or suggestion on this idea accroding
to my feature proposal experience:)


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