[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Ceph integration topics discussed at PTG

Giulio Fidente gfidente at redhat.com
Mon Mar 19 02:04:28 UTC 2018


I wanted to share a short summary of the discussions happened around the
Ceph integration (in TripleO) at the PTG.

In no particular order:

- ceph-{container,ansible} branching

together with John Fulton and Guillaume Abrioux (and after PTG,
Sebastien Han) we put some thought into how to make the Ceph container
images and ceph ansible releases fit better the OpenStack model; the
container images and ceph-ansible are in fact loosely coupled (not all
versions of the container images work with all versions of ceph-ansible)
and we wanted to move from a "rolling release" into a "point release"
approach, mainly to permit regular maintenance of the previous versions
known to work with the previous OpenStack versions. The plan goes more
or less as follows:

  1) ceph-{container,ansible} should be released together with the
regular ceph updates
  2) ceph-container will start using tags and stable branches like
ceph-ansible does

The changes for the ceph/daemon docker images are visible already:

- multiple Ceph clusters

in the attempt to support better the "edge computing" use case, we
discussed addin support for the deployment of multiple Ceph clusters in
the overcloud

together with John Fulton and Steven Hardy (and after PTG, Gregory
Charot) we realized this could be done using multiple stacks and by
doing so, hopefully simplify managament of the "cells" and avoid
potential issues due to orchestration of large clusters

much of this will build on Shardy's blueprint to split the control
plane, see spec at: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/523459/

the multiple Ceph clusters specifics will be tracked via another

- ceph-ansible testing with TripleO

we had a very good chat with John Fulton, Guillaume Abrioux, Wesley
Hayutin and Javier Pena on how to get tested new pull requests for
ceph-ansible with TripleO; basically trigger an existing TripleO
scenario on changes proposed to ceph-ansible

Given ceph-ansible is hosted on github, Wesley's and Javier suggested
this should be possible with Zuul v3 and volunteered to help; some of
the complications are about building an RPM from uncommitted changes for

- move ceph-ansible triggering from workflow_tasks to external_deploy_tasks

this is a requirement for the Rocky release; we want to migrate away
from using workflow_tasks and use external_deploy_tasks instead, to
integrate into the "config-download" mechanism

this work is tracked via a blueprint and we have a WIP submission on

We're also working with Sofer Athlan-Guyot on the enablement of Ceph in
the upgrade CI jobs and with Tom Barron on scenario004 to deploy Manila
with Ganesha (and CephFS) instead of the CephFS native backend.

Hopefullt I didn't forget much; to stay updated on the progress check
our integration squad status at:

Giulio Fidente

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