[openstack-dev] [horizon][neutron] tools/tox_install changes - breakage with constraints

Thomas Morin thomas.morin at orange.com
Thu Mar 15 09:05:43 UTC 2018

Hi Andreas, all,
> Note that thanks to the tox-siblings feature, we really continue to
> install neutron and horizon from git - and not use the versions in
> the global-requirements constraints file.

This addresses my main concern, which was that by removing
tools/tox_install.sh we would end up not pulling master from git.

The fact that we do keep pulling from git wasn't explicit AFAIK in any
of the commit messages of the changes I had to look at to understand
what was being modified.

I concur with Akihiro's comment, and would go slightly beyond that:
ideally the solution chosen would not only technical work, but would
reduce the ahah-there-is-magic-behind-the-scene effect, which is a pain
I believe for many: people new to the community face a steeper learning
curve, people inside the community need to spend time adjust, and infra
folks end up having to document or explain more.  In this precise
case,  the magic behind the scene (ie. the tox-siblings role) may lead
to confusion for packagers (why our CI tests as valid is not what
in requirements.txt) and perhaps people working in external communities
(e.g. [1]).


[1] http://docs.opnfv.org/en/latest/submodules/releng-xci/docs/xci-over

Andreas Jaeger, 2018-03-14 20:46:
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