[openstack-dev] [services][tripleo-validations] Process counts for Undercloud services

Dan Trainor dtrainor at redhat.com
Tue Mar 13 20:38:02 UTC 2018

Hi -

tripleo-validations has a validation[0] that attempts to identify services
that have more than (in its default setting) 8 processes running when the
validation is executed.  We've seen in the past, times where too many
processes for each service may have had a significant performance impact
particularly in Undercloud systems with a less than optimal amount of
memory, but it's been a while since I've seen much discussion on this.

By default, the validation will look at the following services, and fail if
there are more than 8 processes of each running on the Undercloud:

- heat-engine
- mistral
- ironic-inspector
- ironic-conductor
- nova-api
- nova-scheduler
- nova-conductor
- nova-compute
- glance-api
- swift-proxy-server
- swift-object-server
- swift-container-server
- zaqar-server

Examples of services that this validation fails on immediately out of the
box are:

- heat-engine
- mistral
- nova-api

What I'm trying to determine right now is if that (default) maximum number
of processes (8) is still applicable, and/or reasonable.  If not, what
max_process_count value would be appropriate?

I understand that this question is highly subjective based on a number of
factors that go in to the consideration of an OpenStack environment.
However, we're looking for some baselines for these values in an effort to
make this validation more valuable.



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