[openstack-dev] [requirements][zun][karbor][magnum][tacker][kolla][tripleo][zaqar][networking-odl] update websocket-client and kubernetes libraries

Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Tue Mar 13 03:06:27 UTC 2018

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 06:47:14PM -0500, Matthew Thode wrote:
> Requirements plans to update both versions, removing the current cap on
> websocket-cient.  The plan to do so is as follows.
> a. Remove the cap on websocket-client

This is being done in: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/549664/

> b. merge the gr-update into python-zunclient
> c. make release of python-zunclient
> d. Alter the constrained versions of websocket-client and kubernetes
>    - to be co-installable with openstack libs (python-zunclient)
> e. Raise the minimum acceptable version for kubernetes
>    raise the minimum version of websocket-client
>    - raise to above the versions kubernetes had problems with

The process above will impact the following projects:

$ get-all-requirements.py --pkgs kubernetes websocket-client
Package      : kubernetes [kubernetes>=4.0.0] (used by 5 projects)
Included in  : 3 projects
openstack/karbor                              [cycle-with-intermediary]
openstack/magnum                              [cycle-with-intermediary]
openstack/tacker                              [cycle-with-intermediary]
Also affects : 2 projects
openstack/kolla-kubernetes                    [None]
openstack/kuryr-tempest-plugin                [None]
Package      : websocket-client [websocket-client<=0.40.0,>=0.33.0] (used by 5 projects)
Re-Release   : 2 projects
openstack/python-tripleoclient                [cycle-trailing]
openstack/python-zunclient                    [cycle-with-intermediary]
Included in  : 2 projects
openstack/zaqar                               [cycle-with-milestones]
openstack/zun                                 [cycle-with-intermediary]
Also affects : 1 projects
openstack/networking-odl                      [cycle-with-milestones]

So I've updated the subject to reflect that.

Yours Tony.
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