[openstack-dev] [cinder] [oslo] cinder.conf generation is broken for my_ip, building non-reproducibly

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Mon Mar 12 12:54:55 UTC 2018

Excerpts from Thomas Goirand's message of 2018-03-12 09:17:19 +0100:
> Hi,
> When inspecting Cinder's (Queens release) cinder.conf, I can see:
> # Warning: Failed to format sample for my_ip
> # unhashable type: 'HostAddress'

This part sounds like it might be a bug in oslo.config, which
does define a HostAddress class, but that class appears to have the
needed method. Please file a bug.

> So it seems there's an issue in either Cinder or Oslo. How can I
> investigate and fix this?
> It's very likely that I'm once more the only person in the OpenStack
> community that is really checking config file generation (it used to be
> like that for past releases), and therefore the only one who noticed it.
> Also, looking at the code, this seems to be yet-another-instance of
> "package cannot be built reproducible" [1] with the build host config
> leaking in the configuration (well, once that's fixed...). Indeed, in
> the code I can read:
>     cfg.HostAddressOpt('my_ip',
>                        default=netutils.get_my_ipv4(),
>                        help='IP address of this host'),
> This means that, when that's repaired, build Cinder will write something
> like this:
> #my_ip =
> With being the value of netutils.get_my_ipv4(). This is easily
> fixed by adding something like this:
> sample-default='<IP-ADDRESS>'
> I'm writing this here for Cinder, but there's been numerous cases like
> this already. The most common mistake being the hostname of the build
> host leaking in the configuration. While this is easily fixed at the
> packaging level fixing the config file after generating it with
> oslo.config, often that config file is also built with the sphinx doc,
> and then that file isn't built reproducibly. That's harder to detect,
> and easier fixed upstream.

These sorts of issues are bugs in the consumers of oslo.config, and
should be filed there, since the library can't choose reasonable default


> Cheers,
> Thomas Goirand (zigo)
> [1] https://reproducible-builds.org/

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