[openstack-dev] Going but not gone

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Fri Mar 9 14:00:39 UTC 2018


I've only recently had the chance to work with you more recently on
several projects but it's always been great to see the type of work
that you do.  From seeing the work that you do inside OpenStack, to
your extremely informative blog and the talks you've given.  You'll be
greatly missed in the OpenStack community and I (and surely believe
the majority of OpenStackers) hope that we cross paths again in the
future. :)

Best of luck!


On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 8:54 AM, Major Hayden <major at mhtx.net> wrote:
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> Hello there,
> I'm leaving my current role for a new opportunity and, unfortunately, this means I won't be as involved in OpenStack as much in the near future. I've spoken with our fearless OpenStack-Ansible PTL and I let JP know that I will resign from the core reviewers group immediately if I feel that I cannot meet the obligations of the role.
> With that said, the OpenStack community has been truly amazing. My first humble contribution[0] was a fix for broken glance tests back in 2011. I've done a little more since then and I'm proud to be a tiny part of what OpenStack has become today.
> I'd like to thank everyone who has reviewed one of my patches, fixed one of the bugs I created with my patches, and fixed the gate jobs that I broke with my patches. Thanks to everyone who has attended one of my talks at the Summits and thanks to everyone who has put up with my oddball suggestions at Design Summits, Forums, and PTGs. I have learned an *incredible* amount about OpenStack, Python, Linux, open source, communities, and how to be a better human.
> Thanks to the leaders of the OpenStack Foundation as well for their continued support. They have been excellent listeners and they took lots of time to consider my suggestions for improvements.
> I love you all and working in this community has been one of the best experiences in my professional career. :)
> [0] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/2652/
> - --
> Major Hayden
> H7HN9Q/+PKC0TpfosAcZwotuVoSncoJc5D3RDL6RgO09Vm1xbI84BWkv6b6tJz4/
> SvBmiqR7LtXUQDN1yiDg1g8Bq8gNKJO7E0hW7WqRE5rJmXAX2Gpx80pQ04mO0LBv
> 21OaeJSGElT5MdQYu/wz6oP8iNwjAqUaU7b/BZFXcGgpA+S9qDMaQCMK/EXnrodd
> hsDbBxtOridNk9j7SefgwIGZKOr4gdPCxvqnTfj0/X5Cjb+OfMU4rU6dRSIoVaiz
> JVrwZr7DVVyvJmF5JFtpsOJGS9SF7YkOJKia3BsmCnJWeNm9+r1n2XjSXHY240tQ
> gjNfqgvWbyaLddm+8ZMC77zsZu3Kaf4M2ta9F95K0/PlsShoZYBCDso23aDRsjps
> czR3RjT51bdGdEDNhpJkimHQLLFqrvO6NRfg6Azf+Wii3/POrtez60Nx49SQgBul
> PTB/i+mHl44Yn9R2VpWgqKM+WMixRxD75SRyOlDXrU0setUv/91Hz+x32cqeeiX0
> C8mWOPh9POOdQPLeIalR2E4F9//CFv4nWZNSjpwIEEeXLd/Mlkyf2ue7ye+1s/5U
> JYo2wygRLEiLimacaoEyTRguR5/QsKtMieqKKfIYQglQDQkulWhhxOeqJmkpP10p
> xQp11b/GIwrXA4wVi5KA3hQEB/ST/2ENvTO76e/oGW41RK9S0gw=
> =5+cM
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