[openstack-dev] [Interop-wg] [QA] [PTG] [Interop] [Designate] [Heat] [TC]: QA PTG Summary- Interop test for adds-on project

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Thu Mar 8 17:45:11 UTC 2018

On 07/03/18 08:44, Ghanshyam Mann wrote:
> I mean i am all ok with separate plugin which is more easy for QA team 
> but ownership to QA is kind of going to same direction(QA team 
> maintaining interop ads-on tests) in more difficult way.

After reading this and the logs from the QA meeting,[1] I feel like 
there is some confusion/miscommunication over what the proposed 
resolution means by 'ownership'. Basically every Git repo has to be 
registered to *some* project in 

The proposal was to register the trademark test plugins to the QA 
project. The implications of this are fairly minimal in my view:

* The project gets a say on any new repo creation requests (this will 
help maintain e.g. a consistent naming scheme IMO)
* Contributors to the repos are considered contributors to the project, 
get to vote in the PTL elections, and are allowed to put the logo 
sticker on their laptop.[2] (This seems appropriate to me, and in the 
best case might even help convert some people into becoming core 
reviewers for QA in the long term.)
* The project would have to meet any other obligations in regards to 
those repos that the TC delegates to project teams and PTLs - though 
none of the ones I can think of (releases, tracking project-wide goals) 
would really apply in practice to the repos we're talking about.

Perhaps I am missing something that you have a specific concern with?

It is *not* meant to imply that the project has an obligation to write 
tests (nobody expects this, in fact), nor that the core reviewers it 
contributes to the core review team for the repo have any stronger 
obligation to do reviews than any of the other core reviewers (we really 
want all 3 teams to contribute to reviews, since they each bring 
different expertise).

I think we have two options that could resolve this:
* Change the wording to ensure that future readers cannot interpret the 
resolution as placing obligations on the QA team that we didn't intend 
and they do not want; or
* Register the Git repos to the refstack project instead.


[2] kidding! Everyone knows you can't have the sticker until after the 
initiation ;)

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