[openstack-dev] [TripleO][CI][QA][HA][Eris][LCOO] Validating HA on upstream

Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Thu Mar 8 16:03:53 UTC 2018

Georg Kunz <georg.kunz at ericsson.com> wrote: 
>Hi Adam,
>>Raoul Scarazzini <rasca at redhat.com> wrote: 
>>>In the meantime, I'll check yardstick to see which kind of bridge we 
>>>can build to avoid reinventing the wheel. 
>>Great, thanks!  I wish I could immediately help with this, but I haven't had the 
>>chance to learn yardstick myself yet.  We should probably try to recruit 
>>someone from OPNFV to provide advice.  I've cc'd Georg who IIRC was the 
>>person who originally told me about yardstick :-)  He is an NFV expert and is 
>>also very interested in automated testing efforts: 
>>     http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-November/124942.html 
>>so he may be able to help with this architectural challenge. 
>Thank you for bringing this up here. Better collaboration and sharing of knowledge, methodologies and tools across the communities is really what I'd like to see and facilitate. Hence, I am happy to help. 
>I have already started to advertise the newly proposed QA SIG in the OPNFV test WG and I'll happily do the same for the self-healing SIG and any HA testing efforts in general. There is certainly some overlapping interest in these testing aspects between the QA SIG and the self-healing SIG and hence collaboration between both SIGs is crucial. 

That's fantastic - thank you so much! 

>One remark regarding tools and frameworks: I consider the true value of a SIG to be a place for talking about methodologies and best practices: What do we need to test? What are the challenges? How can we approach this across communities? The tools and frameworks are important and we should investigate which tools are available, how good they are, how much they fit a given purpose, but at the end of the day they are tools meant to enable well designed testing methodologies. 

Agreed 100%. 


>>I'm beginning to think that maybe we should organise a video conference call 
>>to coordinate efforts between the various interested parties.  If there is 
>>appetite for that, the first question is: who wants to be involved?  To answer 
>>that, I have created an etherpad where interested people can sign up: 
>>     https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/extreme-testing-contacts 
>>and I've cc'd people who I think would probably be interested.  Does this 
>>sound like a good approach? 
>We discussed a very similar idea in Dublin in the context of the QA SIG. I very much like the idea of a cross-community, cross-team, and apparently even cross-SIG approach. 

Yes agreed again, this is a strong case for collaboration between the 
self-healing and QA SIGs.  In Dublin we also discussed the idea of the 
self-healing and API SIGs collaborating on the related topic of health 
check APIs. 

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