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Thanks Shaohe,

Let's schedule a video conf session next week.

On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 11:41 AM, Feng, Shaohe <shaohe.feng at intel.com> wrote:

> Hi All:
> The POC is here:
> *https://github.com/shaohef/cyborg* <https://github.com/shaohef/cyborg>
> BR
> Shaohe Feng
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> *Subject:* [openstack-dev][cyborg][glance][nova]cyborg FPGA management
> flow disscusion.
> Now I am working on an FPGA management POC with Dolpher.
> We have finished some code, and have discussion with Li Liu and some
> cyborg developer guys.
> Here are some discussions:
> image management
> 1. User should upload the FPGA image to glance and set the tags as follow:
> There are two suggestions to upload an FPGA image.
> A. use raw glance api like:
>    $ openstack image create --file mypath/FPGA.img  fpga.img
>    $ openstack image set --tag FPGA --property vendor=intel --property
> type=crypto 58b813db-1fb7-43ec-b85c-3b771c685d22
>    The image must have "FPGA" tag and accelerator type(such as
> type=crypto).
> B. cyborg support a new api to upload a image.
>    This API will wrap glance api and include the above steps, also make
> image record in it's local DB.
> 2. Cyborg agent/conductor get the FPGA image info from glance.
> There are also two suggestions to get the FPGA image info.
> A. use raw glance api.
> Cyborg will get the images by FPGA tag and timestamp periodically and
> store them in it's local cache.
> It will use the images tags and properties to form placement taits and
> resource_class name.
> B. store the imformations when call cybort's new upload API.
> 3. Image download.
> call glance image download API to local file. and make a corresponding md5
> files for checksum.
> GAP in image management:
> missing related glance image client in cyborg.
> resource report management for scheduler.
> 1.  Cyborg agent/conductor need synthesize all useful information from
> FPGA driver and image information.
> The traits will be like:
> The resource_class will be like:
> {"inventories":
>         "allocation_ratio": 1.0,
>         "max_unit": 4,
>         "min_unit": 1,
>         "reserved": 0,
>         "step_size": 1,
>         "total": 4
>     }
> }
> Accelerator claim and release:
> 1. Cybort will support the releated API for accelerator claim and release.
> It can pass the follow parameters:
>   nodename: Which host that accelerator located on, it is required.
>   type: This accelerator type, cyborg can get image uuid by it. it is
> optional.
>   image uuid: the uuid of FPGA bitstream image, . it is optional.
>   traits: the traits info that cyborg reports to placement.
>   resource_class: the resource_class name that reports to placement.
> And return the address for the accelerator. At present, it is the
> 2. When claim an accelerator, type and image is None, cybort will not
> program the fpga for user.
> FPGA accelerator program API:
> We still need to support an independent program API for some specific
> scenarios.
> Such as as a FPGA developer, I will change my verilog logical frequently
> and need to do verification on my guest.
> I upload my new bitstream image to glance, and call cyborg to program my
> FPGA accelerator.
> End user operations follow:
> 1. upload an bitstream image to glance if necessary and set its tags(at
> least FPGA is requied) and property.
>    sucn as: --tag FPGA --property vendor=intel --property type=crypto
> 2. list the FPGA related traits and resource_class names by placement API.
>    such as get "CUSTOM_FPGA_INTEL_PF" resource_class names and
> 3. create a new falvor wiht his expected traits and resource_class as
> extra spec.
>    such as:
>        "resourcesn:CUSTOM_FPGA_INTEL_PF=2"  n is an integer or empty
> string.
> 4. create the VM with this flavor.
> BR
> Shaohe Feng

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