[openstack-dev] [devstack] Jens Harbott added to core

Ian Wienand iwienand at redhat.com
Mon Mar 5 01:02:17 UTC 2018


Jens Harbott (frickler) has agreed to take on core responsibilities in
devstack, so feel free to bug him about reviews :)

We have also added the members of qa-release in directly to
devstack-core, just for visibility (they already had permissions via
qa-release -> devstack-release -> devstack-core).

We have also added devstack-core as grenade core to hopefully expand
coverage there.


Always feel free to give a gentle ping on reviews that don't seem have
received sufficient attention.

But please also take a few minutes to compose a commit message!  I
think sometimes devs have been deep in the weeds with their cool
change and devstack requires just a few tweaks.  It's easy to forget
not all reviewers may have this same context.  A couple of
well-crafted sentences can avoid pulling projects and "git blame"
archaeological digs, which gets everything going faster!



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