[openstack-dev] [chef] Pike cookbooks released

Samuel Cassiba s at cassiba.com
Thu Mar 1 20:16:20 UTC 2018


The Chef OpenStack team is excited to announce that the 16.0 release
of the cookbooks is fresh out of the oven! This corresponds with the
Pike release of OpenStack. The cookbooks have been published to
Supermarket under the OpenStack namespace located at

The following cookbooks received updates with this release:

- openstack-block-storage
- openstack-common
- openstack-compute
- openstack-dashboard
- openstack-identity
- openstack-image
- openstack-integration-test
- openstack-network
- openstack-ops-database
- openstack-ops-messaging
- openstack-orchestration
- openstack-telemetry

In this release, we also leverage the following external cookbooks
that were updated in tandem:
- openstackclient
- openstack-dns (Designate)

The main focus of the release has been cookbook stabilization and
improvement of functional testing. Local testing has been overhauled
in favor of Test Kitchen (https://kitchen.ci) and InSpec
(https://www.inspec.io/), which provides a more consistent interface.
The RDBMS flavor has also changed to MariaDB, dropping MySQL from the
tested scenarios.

This also marks the first release developed and tested on Chef 13,
with Chef 12 now being unsupported in master. If you need to use an
older release of OpenStack with Chef 13, this will give you a
blueprint for what needs to be backported.


Your humble cook,
Samuel Cassiba (sc` / scas)

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