[openstack-dev] [trove] Considering the transfter of the project leadership

Dariusz Krol d.krol at samsung.com
Mon Jul 30 14:07:39 UTC 2018

Hello Zhao Chao,

after some internal discussion, I will do the nomination if you decided 
not to nominate yourself. Thanks for letting know you will be still 
available in the next release cycle.

Regarding commits I would recommend to consider also 
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/586528/2 .


Dariusz Krol

On 07/30/2018 03:26 AM, 赵超 wrote:
>     Since the new folks are still so new - if this works for you - I would
>     recommend continuing on as the official PTL for one more release,
>     but with the
>     understanding that you would just be around to answer questions
>     and give advice
>     to help the new team get up to speed. That should hopefully be a
>     small time
>     commitment for you while still easing that transition.
>     Then hopefully by the T release it would not be an issue at all
>     for someone
>     else to step up as the new PTL. Or even if things progress well,
>     you could step
>     down as PTL at some point during the Stein cycle if someone is
>     ready to take
>     over for you.
> Sean, thanks a lot for these helpful suggestions.  I thought about 
> doing it this way before writing this post, and this is also the 
> reason I asked the current active team members to nominate theselves.
> However, it's sad that the other active team members seems also busy 
> on other thing. So I think it may be better Dariusz and his team could 
> do more than us on the project in the next cycle. I believe they're 
> experience on the project , and all other experiences about the whole 
> OpenStack environment could be more familiar in the daily 
> pariticipation of the project.
>     On the other hand, I can also understand the lack of time to be a
>     PTL since it requires probably a lot of time to coordinate all the
>     work. 
> Dariusz, no, the current team is really a small team, so in fact I 
> didn't need to do much coordination. The pain is that almost none of 
> the current active team member are not focusing Trove, so even thought 
> all of us want to do more progress in this cycle, we're not able to. 
> This also the reason all of us think it's great to have to team 
> focusing on the project could join.
> So, we don't have much time on the PTL election now, Dariusz, would 
> you please discuss with your team who will do the nomination. And then 
> we'll see if everything could work. We could also try to merge one the 
> trove-tempest-plugin patches(https://review.openstack.org/#/c/580763/ 
> could be merged first before we get the CI could test all the cases in 
> the repo, sadlly currently we cannot the other patches as they're 
> cannot be tested).
> However that patch is submitted by Krzysztof, though is authored by 
> Dariusz. I don't know whether this could count as an identifiied 
> commit when applying PTL nomination.
> And last, I want to repeat that, I'll still in the Trove delepoment 
> for quit a long time, so I will help the new PTL and new contributor 
> on everything I could.
> Thanks again for everyone who help me a lot in the last cycle, 
> especially Fan Zhang, zhanggang, wangyao, song.jian and Manoj Kumar.
> -- 
> To be free as in freedom.

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