[openstack-dev] [Tacker] [PTL] [Elections] Candidacy for Tacker PTL (Stein)

Dharmendra Kushwaha dharmendra.kushwaha at india.nec.com
Mon Jul 30 04:07:21 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I would like to announce my candidacy as Tacker PTL for the upcoming Stein cycle.

I am Dharmendra Kushwaha known as dkushwaha on IRC. I member of Tacker community since Mitaka release.  During my journey, I was involved in multiple features development activities(like Network Service, alarm based monitoring, VNFFG-NS etc.), bug triages, fixes and code improvement activities, verifying and testing for team.

It is a great experience for me to working in OpenStack/Tacker project with very supportive contributors team. Other than community, I was involved in couple of NFV related PoCs and to identify the production gaps in Tacker.

As of now Sridhar and Gong sheng Yang have done a great job with a great team support, I have learnt many things from them and would like to serve the community on those footprints.

During the journey, Tacker comes with multiple rich features and still growing in the same direction. Still we have to do lot more and my main goals of Stein are as follow:

* Tacker CI/CD Improvement:
    - Currently in Tacker more scenarios and proper integration testing is lacking on gate, needs to introduce more coverage.
    - Focus to introduce more functional and scenario tests for max code coverage.
    - We have to setup a process where every code should go with proper integration test on gate.

* Tacker stability & production ready:
    - Identify industries requirements and prioritize their requirements.
    - Focus to have more error-handling and significant logging.
    - Cross community contribution for features integration.
    - Parallel/large node deployment stability.
    - More towards NFV-MANO rich features.

* Growing the community with more active core contributors

* More physical gathering of Tacker team in OpenStack conferences.. 

You can find my complete contributions here:

Thanks for reading and consideration my candidacy.

Thanks & Regards
Dharmendra Kushwaha
IRC: dkushwaha

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