[openstack-dev] [keystone] PTL Candidacy for the Stein cycle

Lance Bragstad lbragstad at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 18:58:52 UTC 2018

Hey everyone,

I'm writing to submit my self-nomination as keystone's PTL for the Stein

We've made significant progress tackling some of the major goals we set
for keystone in Pike. Now that we're getting close to wrapping up some
of those initiatives, I'd like to continue advocating for enhanced RBAC
and unified limits. I think we can do this specifically by using them in
keystone, where applicable, and finalize them in Stein.

While a lot of the work we tackled in Rocky was transparent to users, it
paved the way for us to make strides in other areas. We focused on
refactoring large chunks of code in order to reduce technical debt and
traded some hand-built solutions in favor of well-known frameworks. In
my opinion, these are major accomplishments that drastically simplified
keystone. Because of this, it'll be easier to implement new features we
originally slated for this release. We also took time to smooth out
usability issues with unified limits and implemented support across
clients and libraries. This is going to help services consume keystone's
unified limits implementation early next release.

Additionally, I'd like to take some time in Stein to focus on the next
set of challenges and where we'd like to take keystone in the future.
One area that we haven't really had the bandwidth to focus on is
federation. From Juno to Ocata there was a consistent development focus
on supporting federated deployments, resulting in a steady stream of
features or improvements. Conversely, I think having a break from
constant development will help us approach it with a fresh perspective.
In my opinion, federation improvements are a timely thing to work on
given the use-cases that have been cropping up in recent summits and
PTGs. Ideally, I think it would great to come up with an actionable plan
for making federation easier to use and a first-class tested citizen of

Finally, I'll continue to place utmost importance on assisting other
services in how they consume and leverage the work we do.

Thanks for taking a moment to read what I have to say and I look forward
to catching up in Denver.


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