[openstack-dev] openstack-dev] [trove] Considering the transfter of the project leadership

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Thu Jul 26 14:48:51 UTC 2018

> >
> > A good news is recently a team from Samsung R&D Center in Krakow, Poland
> > joined us, they're building a product on OpenStack, have done improvments
> > on Trove(internally), and now interested in contributing to the community,
> > starting by migrating the intergating tests to the tempest plugin. They're
> > also willing and ready to act as the PTL role. The only problem for their
> > nomination may be that none of them have a patched merged into the Trove
> > projects. There're some in the trove-tempest-plugin waiting review, but
> > according to the activities of the project, these patches may need a long
> > time to merge (and we're at Rocky milestone-3, I think we could merge
> > patches in the trove-tempest-plugin, as they're all abouth testing).
> >
> > I also hope and welcome the other current active team members of Trove
> > could nominate themselves, in that way, we could get more discussions about
> > how we think about the direction of Trove.
> >

Great to see another group getting involved!

It's too bad there hasn't been enough time to build up some experience working
upstream and getting at least a few more commits under their belt, but this
sounds like things are heading in the right direction.

Since the new folks are still so new - if this works for you - I would
recommend continuing on as the official PTL for one more release, but with the
understanding that you would just be around to answer questions and give advice
to help the new team get up to speed. That should hopefully be a small time
commitment for you while still easing that transition.

Then hopefully by the T release it would not be an issue at all for someone
else to step up as the new PTL. Or even if things progress well, you could step
down as PTL at some point during the Stein cycle if someone is ready to take
over for you.

Just a suggestion to help ease the process.


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