[openstack-dev] [sdk] PTL Candidacy for the Stein cycle

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Thu Jul 26 12:30:35 UTC 2018

Hi everybody!

I'd like to run for PTL of OpenStackSDK again.

This last cycle was great. os-client-config is now just a thin wrapper 
around openstacksdk. shade still has a bunch of code, but the shade 
OpenStackCloud object is a subclass of openstack.connection.Connection,
so we're in good position to turn shade into a thin wrapper.

Ansible and nodepool are now using openstacksdk directly rather than
shade and os-client-config. python-openstackclient is also now using
openstacksdk for config instead of os-client-config. We were able to 
push some of the special osc code down into keystoneauth so that it gets 
its session directly from openstacksdk now too.

We plumbed os-service-types in to the config layer so that people can
use any of the official aliases for a service in their config. 
Microversion discovery was added - and we actually even are using it for 
at least one method (way to be excited, right?)

I said last time that we needed to get a 1.0 out during this cycle and 
we did not accomplish that.

Moving forward my number one priority for the Stein cycle is to get the 
1.0 release cut, hopefully very early in the cycle. We need to finish 
plumbing discovery through everywhere, and we need to rationalize the 
Resource objects and the shade munch objects. As soon as those two are 
done, 1.0 here we come.

After we've got a 1.0, I think we should focus on getting 
python-openstackclient starting to use more of openstacksdk. I'd also 
like to
start getting services using openstacksdk so that we can start reducing 
the number of moving parts everywhere.

We have cross-testing with the upstream Ansible modules. We should move 
the test playbooks themselves out of the openstacksdk repo and into the 
Ansible repo.

The caching layer needs an overhaul. What's there was written with
nodepool in mind, and is **heavily** relied on in the gate. We can't 
break that, but it's not super friendly for people who are not nodepool 
(which is most people)

I'd like to start moving methods from the shade layer into the sdk
proxy layer and, where it makes sense, make the shade layer simple 
passthrough calls to the proxy layer. We really shouldn't have two 
different methods for uploading images to a cloud, for instance.

Finally, we have some AMAZING docs - but with the merging of shade and
os-client-config the overview leaves much to be desired in terms of 
leading people towards making the right choices. It would be great to 
get that cleaned up.

I'm sure there will be more things to do too. There always are.

In any case, I'd love to keep helping to pushing these rocks uphill.


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