[openstack-dev] [tripleo] EOL process for newton branches

Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Wed Jul 18 23:46:27 UTC 2018

Hi All,
    As of I3671f10d5a2fef0e91510a40835de962637f16e5 we have meta-data in
openstack/releases that tells us that the following repos are at
 - openstack/instack-undercloud
 - openstack/os-net-config
 - openstack/puppet-tripleo
 - openstack/tripleo-common
 - openstack/tripleo-heat-templates

I was setting up the request to create the tags and delete those
branches but I noticed that the following repos have newton branches and
are not in the list above:

 - openstack/instack
 - openstack/os-apply-config
 - openstack/os-collect-config
 - openstack/os-refresh-config
 - openstack/python-tripleoclient
 - openstack/tripleo-image-elements
 - openstack/tripleo-puppet-elements
 - openstack/tripleo-ui
 - openstack/tripleo-validations

So I guess there are a couple of options here:

1) Just EOL the 5 repos that opensatck/releases knows are at EOL
2) EOL the repos from both lists ad update openstack/releases to flag
   them as such

I feel like option 2 is the correct option but perhaps there is a reason
those repos where not tagged and released

Yours Tony.
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