[openstack-dev] [Tripleo] New validation: ensure we actually have enough disk space on the undercloud

Cédric Jeanneret cjeanner at redhat.com
Thu Jul 12 14:45:56 UTC 2018

Dear Stackers,

I'm currently looking for some inputs in order to get a new validation,
ran as a "preflight check" on the undercloud.

The aim is to ensure we actually have enough disk space for all the
files and, most importantly, the registry, being local on the
undercloud, or remote (provided the operator has access to it, of course).

Although the doc talks about minimum requirements, there's the "never
trust the user inputs" law, so it would be great to ensure the user
didn't overlook the requirements regarding disk space.

The "right" way would be to add a new validation directly in the
tripleo-validations repository, and run it at an early stage of the
undercloud deployment (and maybe once again before the overcloud deploy
starts, as disk space will probably change due to the registry and logs
and packages and so on).

There are a few details on this public trello card:

What do you think? Care to provide some hints and tips for the correct

Thank you!



Cédric Jeanneret
Software Engineer

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