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Tue Jul 10 12:21:00 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I'm zhaobo, I was the bug deputy for the last week and I'm afraid that cannot attending the comming upstream meeting so I'm sending out this report:

Last week there are some high priority bugs for neutron . Also some bugs need to attention, I list them here:

Deleting a port on a system with 1K ports takes too long
As the desciption, delete 1k port will cost mostly 35s, and seems related to the policy checking for consume much time.
We need to check how to increase the performance if it's an issue. Also, thanks @Ajo for correct.

L3 AttributeError in doc job
Queens neutron broken with recent L3 removal from neutron-lib.constants
These bugs need to be attentioned, as the neutron-lib increase and remove some in-use code(https://github.com/openstack/neutron-lib/commit/ec829f9384547864aebb56390da8e17df7051aac).
It already affected Neutron Queens release.

A race condition may occur when concurrent agent scheduling happens
The DHCP and L3 agent maybe in race condition during scheduling process.

[Need Attention]
Sending SIGHUP to neutron-server process causes it to hang
This bug hit in Queens release and in container env,  need help from someone who is familiar with it to test.

[fwaas] FWaaS instance stuck in PENDING_CREATE when devstack enable fwaas-v1
FWAAS V1: Add or remove firewall rules, caused the status of associated firewall becomes "PENDING_UPDATE"
These 2 bugs seems hit the same issue, I will fix and associated with the first one. Both of them seems the FWv1 devstack configuration issue.

Best Regards,

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