[openstack-dev] swift containers.

jayshankar nair n_jayshankar at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 9 06:46:37 UTC 2018


I am unable to create containers in object store.
"Unable to get the Swift service info"."Unable to get the swift container listing".
My horizon is running on My swift is running on can i change it). 
I am trying to list the container with python sdk. Is this the right api.
from openstack import connectionconn = connection.Connection(auth_url="",                      project_name="admin",username="admin",                      password="6908a8d218f843dd",                      user_domain_id="default",                      project_domain_id="default",                      identity_api_version=3)

for container in conn,object_store.containers():print(container.name).
I need documentation of python sdk
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