[openstack-dev] [masakari] Introspective Instance Monitoring through QEMU Guest Agent

Kwan, Louie Louie.Kwan at windriver.com
Fri Jul 6 02:43:26 UTC 2018

Thanks Tushar Patil for the +1 for 547118.

In regards of the following review:

Any more comment?

From: Tushar Patil (Code Review) [review at openstack.org]
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2018 8:48 PM
To: Kwan, Louie
Cc: Tim Bell; zhangyanying; Waines, Greg; Li Yingjun; wangqiang-bj; Tushar Patil; Ken Young; NTT system-fault-ci masakari-integration-ci; wangqiang; Abhishek Kekane; takahara.kengo; Rikimaru Honjo; Adam Spiers; Sampath Priyankara (samP); Dinesh Bhor
Subject: Change in openstack/masakari[master]: Introspective Instance Monitoring through QEMU Guest Agent

Tushar Patil has posted comments on this change. ( https://review.openstack.org/547118 )

Change subject: Introspective Instance Monitoring through QEMU Guest Agent

Patch Set 3: Workflow+1

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Gerrit-MessageType: comment
Gerrit-Change-Id: I9efc6afc8d476003d3aa7fee8c31bcaa65438674
Gerrit-PatchSet: 3
Gerrit-Project: openstack/masakari
Gerrit-Branch: master
Gerrit-Owner: Louie Kwan <louie.kwan at windriver.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Abhishek Kekane <akekane at redhat.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Adam Spiers <aspiers at suse.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Dinesh Bhor <bhordinesh07 at gmail.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Greg Waines <greg.waines at windriver.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Hieu LE <hieulq2 at viettel.com.vn>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Ken Young <kenyis at rogers.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Li Yingjun <yingjun.li at kylin-cloud.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Louie Kwan <louie.kwan at windriver.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: NTT system-fault-ci masakari-integration-ci <masakari.integration.test at gmail.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Rikimaru Honjo <honjo.rikimaru at po.ntt-tx.co.jp>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Sampath Priyankara (samP) <sam47priya at gmail.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Tim Bell <tim.bell at cern.ch>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Tushar Patil <tushar.patil at nttdata.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Tushar Patil <tushar.vitthal.patil at gmail.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Zuul
Gerrit-Reviewer: takahara.kengo <takahara-kn at njk.co.jp>
Gerrit-Reviewer: wangqiang <wangqiang.hunan at gmail.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: wangqiang-bj <wangqiangbj at inspur.com>
Gerrit-Reviewer: zhangyanying <devops at 163.com>
Gerrit-HasComments: No

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