[openstack-dev] [neutron] autodoc and tox-siblings

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Tue Jul 3 13:16:51 UTC 2018

Excerpts from Takashi Yamamoto's message of 2018-07-03 13:12:53 +0900:
> hi,
> - networking-midonet uses autodoc in their doc.
> build-openstack-sphinx-docs runs it.
> - build-openstack-sphinx-docs doesn't use tox-siblings. thus the job
> uses released versions of dependencies. eg. neutron, neutron-XXXaas,
> os-vif, etc
> - released versions of dependencies and networking-midonet master are
> not necessarily compatible
> - a consequence: https://bugs.launchpad.net/networking-midonet/+bug/1779801
>   (in this case, neutron-lib and neutron are not compatible)
> possible solutions i can think of:
> - stop using autodoc (i suspect i have to do this for now)
> - make intermediate releases of neutron and friends
> - finish neutron-lib work and stop importing neutron etc (ideal but we
> have not reached this stage yet)
> - make doc job use tox-siblings (as it used to do in tox_install era)
> any suggestions?

As part of the python3-first goal planning we determined that our
current PTI defines the API between zuul and our jobs at the wrong
level, and that is going to make it more difficult for us to support
different versions of python on different branches.

I plan to write up a governance change ASAP to have the PTI expect
to call "tox -e docs" to build the documentation and then define a
new job that works that way. It sounds like that change will also
help in the case you have, since the new job will be able to support


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