[openstack-dev] [all] Ongoing spam in Freenode IRC channels

Ian Wienand iwienand at redhat.com
Wed Aug 1 05:45:02 UTC 2018


It seems freenode is currently receiving a lot of unsolicited traffic
across all channels.  The freenode team are aware [1] and doing their

There are not really a lot of options.  We can set "+r" on channels
which means only nickserv registered users can join channels.  We have
traditionally avoided this, because it is yet one more barrier to
communication when many are already unfamiliar with IRC access.
However, having channels filled with irrelevant messages is also not
very accessible.

This is temporarily enabled in #openstack-infra for the time being, so
we can co-ordinate without interruption.

Thankfully AFAIK we have not needed an abuse policy on this before;
but I guess we are the point we need some sort of coordinated

I'd suggest to start, people with an interest in a channel can request
+r from an IRC admin in #openstack-infra and we track it at [2]

Longer term ... suggestions welcome? :)


[1] https://freenode.net/news/spambot-attack
[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freenode-plus-r-08-2018

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