[openstack-dev] [requirements] Do we care about pypy for clients (broken by cryptography)

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Wed May 31 12:34:03 UTC 2017

On 05/31/2017 06:39 AM, Sean McGinnis wrote:
> On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 06:37:02AM -0500, Sean McGinnis wrote:
>> We had a discussion a few months back around what to do for cryptography
>> since pycrypto is basically dead [1]. After some discussion, at least on
>> the Cinder project, we decided the best way forward was to use the
>> cryptography package instead, and work has been done to completely remove
>> pycrypto usage.
>> It all seemed like a good plan at the time.
>> I now notice that for the python-cinderclient jobs, there is a pypy job
>> (non-voting!) that is failing because the cryptography package is not
>> supported with pypy.
>> So this leaves us with two options I guess. Change the cryto library again,
>> or drop support for pypy.
>> I am not aware of anyone using pypy, and there are other valid working
>> alternatives. I would much rather just drop support for it than redo our
>> crypto functions again.
>> Thoughts? I'm sure the Grand Champion of the Clients (Monty) probably has
>> some input?

There was work a few years ago to get pypy support going - but it never 
really seemed to catch on. The chance that we're going to start a new 
push and be successful at this point seems low at best.

I'd argue that pypy is already not supported, so dropping the non-voting 
job doesn't seem like losing very much to me. Reworking cryptography 
libs again, otoh, seems like a lot of work.


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