[openstack-dev] [requirements][mistral][tripleo][horizon][nova][releases] release models for projects tracked in global-requirements.txt

Matthew Thode prometheanfire at gentoo.org
Tue May 30 18:36:02 UTC 2017

We have a problem in requirements that projects that don't have the
cycle-with-intermediary release model (most of the cycle-with-milestones
model) don't get integrated with requirements until the cycle is fully
done.  This causes a few problems.

* These projects don't produce a consumable release for requirements
until end of cycle (which does not accept beta releases).

* The former causes old requirements to be kept in place, meaning caps,
exclusions, etc. are being kept, which can cause conflicts.

* Keeping the old version in requirements means that cross dependencies
are not tested with updated versions.

This has hit us with the mistral and tripleo projects particularly
(tagged in the title).  They disallow pbr-3.0.0 and in the case of
mistral sqlalchemy updates.

mistral - blocking sqlalchemy - milestones

os-refresh-config - blocking pbr - milestones
os-apply-config - blocking pbr - milestones
os-collect-config - blocking pbr - milestones

os-vif - blocking pbr - intermediary

django-openstack-auth - blocking django - intermediary

So, here's what needs doing.

Those projects that are already using the cycle-with-intermediary model
should just do a release.

For those that are using cycle-with-milestones, you will need to change
to the cycle-with-intermediary model, and do a full release, both can be
done at the same time.

If anyone has any questions or wants clarifications this thread is good,
or I'm on irc as prometheanfire in the #openstack-requirements channel.

Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)

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