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Sun May 28 23:58:55 UTC 2017


There is one session in OpenStack Boston summit about Neutron multi-site, and discuss how to make Neutron cells-aware[1].

We have done experiment how Nova cells v2 + Neutron + Tricircle can work very well:

Follow the guide[2], you will have one two cells environment: cell1 in node1 and cell2 in node2, and Nova-api/scheduler/conductor/placement in node1. To simplify the integration, the region for Nova-api is registered as CentralRegion in KeyStone.

At the same time, the tricircle devstack plugin will also install RegionOne Neutron in node1 to work with cell1, RegionTwo Neutron in node2, i,e, we'll have one local Neutron with one cell, the neutron endpoint url in cell's compute node will be configured to local Neutron. each local Neutron will be configured with Tricircle local Neutron plugin.

We just mentioned that Nova-API is registered as CentralRegion, the tricircle devstack plugin will also start a central Neutron server and register it in CentralRegion( same region as Nova-API), the central Neutron server will be installed with Tricircle central Neutron plugin. In Nova-api's configuration nova.conf, the neutron endpoint url is configured to the central Neutron server's url.

In both central Neutron server and local Neutron, the nova endpoint url configuration will be pointed to central Nova-api url, it's for call-back message to Nova-API.

After the installation, now you have one CentralRegion with one Nova API and one Neutron Server, and regard to Nova multi-cells, each cell is accompanied with one local Neutron. ( It's not necessary for 1:1 mapping between cell and local Neutron, may multi-cells mapped to one local Neutron).

If you create network/router without availability-zone specified, global network/router is applied, all instances from any cell can be attached to. If you create network/router with availability-zone specified, you can get scoped network/router, i.e, the network/router can only be presented in regarding cells.

1. Because Nova multi-cells is still under development, there will be some issue in deployment and experience, some typical trouble shooting has been provided in the document[2].
2. For the RegionOne and RegionTwo name which is registered by local Neutron, you can change it to other better name if needed, for example "cell1-subregion", "cell2-subregion", etc.

Feedback and contribution are welcome to make this mode works.


Best Regards
Chaoyi Huang (joehuang)
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