[openstack-dev] [panko] dropping hbase driver support

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Fri May 26 17:17:40 UTC 2017


as all of you know, we moved all storage out of ceilometer so it is 
handles only data generation and normalisation. there seems to be very 
little contribution to panko which handles metadata indexing, event 
storage so given how little it's being adopted and how little resources 
are being put on supporting it, i'd like to proposed to drop hbase 
support as a first step in making the project more manageable for 
whatever resource chooses to support it.

why hbase as initial candidate to prune?
- it has no testing in gate
- it never had testing in gate
- we didn't receive a single reply in user survey saying hbase was used
- all the devs who originally worked on driver don't work on openstack 
- i'd be surprised if it actually worked

i just realised it's a long weekend in some places so i'll let this 
linger for a bit.


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