[openstack-dev] [OSC][ironic][mogan] Can we share the same keyword 'baremetal'?

Zhenguo Niu niu.zglinux at gmail.com
Thu May 25 09:38:09 UTC 2017

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 4:27 PM, Dmitry Tantsur <dtantsur at redhat.com> wrote:

> On 05/25/2017 10:20 AM, Zhenguo Niu wrote:
>> hi all,
> Hi!
>> I'm from the Mogan team, we chose the same keyward 'baremetal' when
>> implementing a OSC plugin [1]. As we think the baremetal command is
>> representative of a baremetal resource, not a service, so it makes sense
>> for different projects to share the top level resource name that OpenStack
>> can provide.
> We do not "own" the word "baremetal", so nothing prevents you from using
> it. However, in my experience:
> 1. This does confuse users, as they expect "openstack baremetal" to be a
> prefix belonging to Ironic.
> 2. Collisions may happen. We had two collisions with TripleO already, one
> resulted in us killing a TripleO command abruptly.
Alternatively, I don't mind to change this to 'bm' or something like that
for Mogan, but some operators told me that it will confuse users more to
have both 'baremetal' and 'bm' in there CLI.
And as I understand, ironic commands are not used frequently, and it's even
less if ironic inspector can help to automatically enroll nodes/ports.

>> The commands we have implemented are listed below, seems there's no
>> collision with Ironic presently, and Ironic doesn't manage such resources.
>> * openstack baremetal server <action> <args>
>> * openstack bareemtal flavor <action> <args>
>> * openstack baremetal keypair <action> <args>
>> * openstack baremetal availability zone <action> <args>
> Ironic does not have any notion of either of these, so it should be fine.
> I'm still a bit on a -1 side because of potential users confusion. I
> wonder how can we send a message across that prefixes do not designate a
> specific project, but are rather just part of a "sentence". I'm
> specifically worried about confusing "baremetal server" of Mogan with
> "baremetal node" of Ironic. For many people these can be synonyms.
We copied nova's server resource concept here, so users may easily to
accept the 'baremetal server'. For 'baremetal node', seems only
operators/administrators may use such commands, so seems the synonyms is
not a big problem as they are for different roles.

>> So, we'd like to ask if our CLI pattern is allowed before we release the
>> client.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> [1] https://github.com/openstack/python-moganclient
>> --
>> Best Regards,
>> Zhenguo Niu
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Best Regards,
Zhenguo Niu
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