[openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] mount ceph block from an instance

fabrice grelaud fabrice.grelaud at u-bordeaux.fr
Wed May 24 14:02:50 UTC 2017

Hi osa team,

i have a multimode openstack-ansible deployed, ocata 15.1.3, with ceph as backend for cinder (with our own ceph infra).

After create an instance with root volume, i would like to mount a ceph block or cephfs directly to the vm (not a cinder volume). So i want to attach a new interface to the vm that is in the ceph vlan.
How can i do that ? 

We have our ceph vlan propagated on bond0 interface (bond0.xxx and br-storage configured as documented) for openstack infrastructure.

Should i have to propagate this vlan on the bond1 interface where my br-vlan is attach ?
Should i have to use the existing br-storage where the ceph vlan is already propagated (bond0.xxx) ? And how i create the ceph vlan network in neutron (by neutron directly or by horizon) ?

Has anyone ever experienced this ?

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