[openstack-dev] on the subject of when we should be deprecating API's in a release cycle

Amrith Kumar amrith.kumar at gmail.com
Wed May 24 00:50:00 UTC 2017


When IaaS projects in OpenStack deprecate their API's after milestone 1, it
puts PaaS projects in a pickle. I think it would be much better for PaaS
projects if the IaaS projects could please do their deprecations well before

The longer issue:

OK, the guy from Trove is bitching again. The Trove gate is broken (again).
This time, it appears to be because Trove was using a deprecated Nova
Networking API call, and even though everyone and their brother knew that
Nova Networking was gone-gone, Trove never got the memo, and like a few
others got hit by it.

But the fact of the matter is this, it happened. This has happened in
previous releases as well where at milestone 2 we are scrambling to fix
something because an IaaS project did a planned deprecation.

I'm wondering whether we can get a consensus around doing these earlier in
the cycle, like before milestone-1, so other projects which depend on the
API have a chance to handle it with enough time to test and verify.

Just to be explicitly clear, I AM NOT pointing fingers at Nova. I knew that
NN was gone, just that a couple of API's remained in use and we got bit in
the glueteus maximus. I asked Matt for help to find out what API's had been
deprecated, he almost immediately helped me with a list and I'm working
through getting them fixed (Thanks Matt).

I'm merely raising the generic question of whether or not planned
deprecations should be done before Milestone 1.

Thanks for reading the longer version ...

Amrith Kumar
amrith.kumar at gmail.com

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