[openstack-dev] OpenStack and OVN integration is failing on multi-node physical machines.(probably a bug)

pranab boruah pranabjyotiboruah at gmail.com
Tue May 23 13:18:11 UTC 2017

We are building a multi-node physical set-up of OpenStack Newton. The
goal is to finally integrate the set-up with OVN.
Lab details:
1 Controller, 2 computes

CentOS-7.3, OpenStack Newton, separate network for mgmt and tunnel
OVS version: 2.6.1

I followed the following guide to deploy OpenStack Newton using the
PackStack utility:


Before I started integrating with OVN, I made sure that the set-up(ML2
and OVS) was working by launching VMs. VMs on cross compute node were
able to ping each other.

Now, I followed the official guide for OVN integration:


Error details :
Neutron Server log shows :

 ERROR networking_ovn.ovsdb.impl_idl_ovn [-] OVS database connection
to OVN_Northbound failed with error: '{u'error': u'unknown database',
u'details': u'get_schema request specifies unknown database
OVN_Northbound', u'syntax': u'["OVN_Northbound"]'}'. Verify that the
OVS and OVN services are available and that the 'ovn_nb_connection'
and 'ovn_sb_connection' configuration options are correct.

The issue is ovsdb-server on the controller binds with the port
6641.instead of 6640.

#  netstat -putna | grep 6641

tcp        0      0*
LISTEN      809/ovsdb-server

# netstat -putna | grep 6640 (shows no output)

Now, OVN NB DB tries to listen on port 6641, but since it is used by
the ovsdb-server, it's unable to. PID of ovsdb-server is 809, while
the pid of OVN NB DB is 4217.

OVN NB DB logs shows this:

listen failed: Address already in use
2017-05-23T12:58:11.946Z|01422|socket_util|ERR|6641: bind:
Address already in use
2017-05-23T12:58:14.448Z|01423|socket_util|ERR|6641: bind:
Address already in use

Solutions I tried:
1) Completely fresh installing everything.
2) Tried with OVS 2.6.0 and 2.7, same issue on all.
3) Checked  and verified : SB and NB configuration options in
plugin.ini are exactly correct.

Please help. Let me know. if additional details are required.


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