[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Sample Environment Generator

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Mon May 22 16:59:15 UTC 2017

I've finally gotten back to working on this spec[1] and wanted to send a 
quick update.  The patch series is updated with the changes we discussed 
at the PTG, and you can find the start of it here: 

Obviously there are a _lot_ of environments left to convert, but I've 
tried to do a subset that demonstrate the various uses of the tool and 
validates that it can work even for more complex environments.  It's at 
a point now where I'm pretty happy with it so I would like some outside 
feedback to see if it addresses everyone's use cases.

A few things worth calling out:
-I special-cased some parameters, in two categories.  First is private 
variables that can't be renamed because they're either part of the 
public api of the roles/services or because they're Heat things that we 
don't control.  This includes things like NodeIndex, servers, and 
DefaultPasswords.  The other category is things that most environments 
shouldn't be touching, but aren't strictly "private".  EndpointMap is a 
specific example.  We do need to include that in some environments, but 
a lot of templates take that as input and by default we don't want it 
exposed as part of the interface.  My solution to this latter case was 
to exclude these params when the "all" parameter list is being used, but 
if the param is explicitly referenced in the config then it will be 
-I've imposed a directory structure on the new generated templates and 
deprecated the old flat files.  If you have any thoughts on what the 
structure should be, please comment now or forever hold your peace. :-) 
It's problematic to move files around since this is sort of a public 
interface to TripleO, so it would be nice to define a once-and-forever 
structure now.
-I'll be writing a conversion guide, since there are some gotchas and 
things to keep in mind while converting environments to the tool.

I think that covers the highlights so I'll stop typing and let you take 
a look. :-)



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