[openstack-dev] Summary of BOS Summit session: User API Improvements

Rochelle Grober rochelle.grober at huawei.com
Fri May 19 22:22:22 UTC 2017

Hey folks,

I’ve summarized the User API Improvement forum session.  I seem to recall that Clark Boyland and I were “volunteered” to project manage the effort to get these tracked and scheduled (which I would assume also means eiterh spec’ed, bp’ed or bugged), but I’m real fuzzy on that.  Any/all comments welcome.  The etherpad for this session is here:


This session’s focus was how to both improve the user experience in using OpenStack APIs through identification of issues and inconsistencies and raising their visibility in the developer community.  There were general observations, then observation specific to individual projects. The major themes of this session were:

·         Use the same verbs for same/similar actions across all OpenStack

·          Make states the same across all projects

·         UTF8 everywhere for user provided info and metadata

·         Make ports 80/443 defaults across OpenStack so that deployments that have to think about nonstandard port assignments

·         Services other than core/base services should be design to run *on* cloud, not *in* cloud

·         All clouds should accept qcow2 uploads and convert to cloud native if necessary

·         Cloud provided images should have immutable names

·         Label ephemeral drives and swap disks consistently across clouds

·         Enforce consistency in the service catalog across projects
Missing Functionality:

·         Search function with wildcarding for entities within a cloud

·         Automation for API self description (sort of like APINAME –help)

·         Ability to take a “show” or “get” response and pass response to a “create” call (piping)

·         support for image aliases

·         Image annotations, both for cloud provider and user

·         Provide information with net addresses as to whether internal to cloud only or internet accessible

·         Clarify DHCP APIs and documentation

·         Document config drive – important functionality the currently requires reading the code

·         Nested virt

·         Multi-attach read-only volumes

·         Support for master+slave impactless backups
Improve Functionality:

·         Better info/differentiation on custom attributes of images:  read-only vs user-defined vs ??

·         Create internet attached network with a single API call based on user expressible rules/options

·         Move towards Neutron+IPv6 as default networking

·         Default Security groups default needs improvement

·         Improve clarity of which device each volume is attached to

·         Make quota management simpler

·         Horizon: move security groups to networking menus

·         User facing docs on how to use all the varieties of auth and scopes

·         Heat should be able to run on top of clouds (improves consistency and interop)

·         Heat support for multi region and multi cloud

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