[openstack-dev] [Heat] revised structure of the heat-templates repository. Suggestions

Lance Haig lnhaig at gmail.com
Fri May 19 15:00:59 UTC 2017


As we know the heat-templates repository has become out of date in some 
respects and also has been difficult to be maintained from a community 

For me the repository is quiet confusing with different styles that are 
used to show certain aspects and other styles for older template examples.

This I think leads to confusion and perhaps many people who give up on 
heat as a resource as things are not that clear.

 From discussions in other threads and on the IRC channel I have seen 
that there is a need to change things a bit.

This is why I would like to start the discussion that we rethink the 
template example repository.

I would like to open the discussion with mys suggestions.

  * We need to differentiate templates that work on earlier versions of
    heat that what is the current supported versions.
      o I have suggested that we create directories that relate to
        different versions so that you can create a stable version of
        examples for the heat version and they should always remain
        stable for that version and once it goes out of support can
        remain there.
      o This would mean people can find their version of heat and know
        these templates all work on their version
  * We should consider adding a docs section that that includes training
    for new users.
      o I know that there are documents hosted in the developer area and
        these could be utilized but I would think having a documentation
        section in the repository would be a good way to keep the
        examples and the documents in the same place.
      o This docs directory could also host some training for new users
        and old ones on new features etc.. In a similar line to what is
        here in this repo https://github.com/heat-extras/heat-tutorial
  * We should include examples form the default hooks e.g. ansible salt
    etc... with SoftwareDeployments.
      o We found this quiet helpful for new users to understand what is
  * We should make sure that the validation running against the
    templates runs without ignoring errors.
      o This was noted in IRC that some errors were ignored as the
        endpoints or catalog was not available. It would be good to have
        some form of headless catalog server that tests can be run
        against so that developers of templates can validate before
        submitting patches.

These points are here to open the discussions around this topic

Please feel free to make your suggestions.


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