[openstack-dev] Is the pendulum swinging on PaaS layers?

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri May 19 08:21:19 UTC 2017

Matt Riedemann wrote:
> [...]
> Am I missing the point, or is the pendulum really swinging away from
> PaaS layer services which abstract the dirty details of the lower-level
> IaaS APIs? Or was this always something people wanted and I've just
> never made the connection until now?

I feel like this is driven by a need for better UX on the IaaS APIs
layer (less calls, or more intuitive calls, as shown by shade UI). Even
if that IaaS layer is mostly accessed programmatically, it's not an
excuse for requiring 5 convoluted API calls and reading 5 pages of doc
for a basic action, when you could make it a single call.

So I'm not sure it's a recent change, or that it shows the demise of
PaaS layers, but that certainly shows that direct usage of IaaS APIs is
still a thing. If anything, the rise of application orchestration
frameworks like Kubernetes only separated the concerns -- provisioning
of application clusters might be done by someone else, but it still is
done by someone.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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