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I am very interested in FaaS coming to OpenStack, it totally makes sense to have it as part of the platform. I have observed the current OpenStack Picasso project although I too am concerned about vendor lock in to IronFunctions with the Picasso project. I think it is also important not to alienate the current OpenStack community by introducing non standard components or languages, I am hopeful the new releases of Python can provide reasonable performance so it is possible to keep Python as a primary language for a FaaS project. My main concern is that we seem to have several FaaS projects with different approaches rather than having us all work on one superior FaaS solution. Is there a way we can win over the Picasso project team to be more understanding of the vendor lock in and language concerns?

For me the important things are:

a)       Sandboxed code in some container solution

b)       Pluggable backends for said sandbox to remove vendor lock in

c)       Pluggable storage for function packages, the default probably being Swift

d)       Integration with Keystone for auth and role based access control e.g. sharing functions with other tenants but maybe with different permissions, e.g. dev tenant in a domain can publish functions but prod tenant can only execute the functions.

e)       Integration with Neutron so functions can access tenant networks.

f)        A web services gateway to create RESTful APIs and map URIs / verbs / API requests to functions.

g)       It would also be nice to have some meta data service like what we see in Nova so functions can have an auto injected context relating to the tenant running it rather than having to inject all parameters via the API.

Just some thoughts. If you’d like these converted into basic blueprints for the project let me know, I know some of them may seem like very stretched goals at the moment but I am sure their time will come.

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On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 8:32 PM, Sam P <sam47priya at gmail.com<mailto:sam47priya at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi Larry,
 Thank you for the details.
 I am interested and like the idea of no vendor/platform lock-in.

 However,  I still have this stupid question in me.
 Why FaaS need to be in the OpenStack ecosystem? Can it survive
outside and still be able to integrate with OpenStack?

In OpenStack ecosystem, I mean put this project under OpenStack umbrella so that it could leverage OpenStack facilities, and integrating with other OpenStack services means it is an option to be deployed together with them and be triggered by event/notification from them.

 This FaaS must able to well integrated with OpenStack ecosystem and
no argument there.

>>IMHO, none of them can be well integrated with OpenStack ecosystem.
Can you share more details on this?  If you have done any survey on
this,  please share.
Crating FaaS with pure OpenStack means, we need to create something
similar to OpenWhisk or IronFunctions with existing or new OpenStack
I just want to make sure it is worth it to recreate the wheels.

Yeah, you are right, as I said at the beginning, I'm sort of recreating the wheels. I hope the new project can be easily installed together with other OpenStack projects using similar methodology, it can provide a beautiful RESTful API to end users, it's easy for OpenStack developers to understand and maintain. I don't think it is that easy if we go with OpenWhisk or IronFunctions. Actually, in container world, there are already a lot of projects doing the same thing. But again, I'm OpenStack developer, we are running an OpenStack based public cloud, I don't want to mess things up to introduce things which will probably introduce other things.

Jsut for the info, I think this [0] is your previous ML thread...
[0] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-May/116472.html

Thanks to find it out :)

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