[openstack-dev] [tc] [all] OpenStack moving both too fast and too slow at the same time

Bogdan Dobrelya bdobreli at redhat.com
Mon May 8 14:46:05 UTC 2017

On 08.05.2017 16:06, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>>> option #3: Do not support or nurse gates for stable branches upstream.
>>> Instead, only create and close them and attach 3rd party gating, if
>>> asked by contributors willing to support LTS and nurse their gates.
>>> Note, closing a branch should be an exceptional case, if only no one
>>> willing to support and gate it for a long.
>> As i mentioned before, folks can join the Stable Team and make things
>> like this happen. Won't happen by an email to the mailing list.

Good point.
There are *several* action items to do first, by the topic discussion
results (as I see it):
* Propose changes for stable branch maintaining policy (which an option
of #1/#2/#3 to pick?)
* Make a TC vote, I suppose, accept the changes officially
* Given the accepted change is #3, start implementation steps, like:
* Stop all stable/* gating jobs and merge freeze them
* Join the Stable Team and make things happen, but first:
* Get hardware for 3rd party CI gating, from willing to contribute
operators' associated enterprises. Yes, the option #3 assumes that as a
prerequisite for stable branches to "unfreeze" and step onto its "LTS
adoption" path.
* Setting up 3rd party CI, joining and learning from openstack infra
team, for anyone who wants to help and who is going to consume and
submit stable/* patches upstream instead of downstream forks, from now on.
* Unfreeze stable branches
* End up nominating more Stable Team core members with +2+1 from
*operators* world and allowing changes to get in fast.

So yes, it is important to encourage people to join, but one who is
willing to contribute may be not enough to bring with him required
hardware and operators from enterprises willing to contribute as well.
*First of all, those folks need to be interested to stop patching things

And if started upside down, like jumping in and starting contributing
things w/o other required changes, this would bring all but results we'd
really like to see:
* More folks pushing hard for making backports and upstream gating them
against 'vanilla' stable branches, which *no one* of operators (read
enterprises) consume as is - everything is being done downstream,
rebased on top and needed to be retested again.
* Folks abandoning Stable Team in a few months as they see the value of
work done for 'vanilla' backporting and gating is near to a zero.

>> Thanks,
>> Dims
> Right. We need to change the tone of this thread from "you should do X"
> to "I want to do X, where should I start?"
> Doug
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