[openstack-dev] [os-upstream-institute] Order of Slides

Amy Marrich amy at demarco.com
Tue May 2 03:03:50 UTC 2017

I was going over the 2 sections I'm presenting this weekend and noticed
that in


We talk about submitting and taking bugs, doing reviews and pushing up code
sets as it's the overview. But the next section


we sign up for the actual accounts.

I'm not sure if in the future we might want to change the order of these
sections so that folks can possibly work a little ahead or if we want to
keep the order to prevent it. Either way we can always reference the other
section, in this case with a 'In the next section you'll be making the
account to do this'  or if we switched the order 'Using the username from
the last section'.

Amy (spotz)
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