[openstack-dev] PTG? / Was (Consistent Versioned Endpoints)

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Jan 16 09:29:42 UTC 2017

Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> Don't want to hijack the thread too much but... when the PTG was being sold, it was a way to get the various developers in to one place and make it cheaper to go to for devs. Now it seems to be being made into a place where each of the silo's can co'exist but not talk, and then the summit is still required to get cross project work done, so it only increases the devs cost by requiring attendance at both. This is very troubling. :/ Whats the main benefit of the PTG then?

To me the main benefit is to separate the time we are trying to get
things done /within/ development teams from the time we are trying to
reach out /beyond/ development teams. For some teams it was really
difficult to find time to listen to users and gather requirements while
at the same time trying to build trust, priorities and organize work for
the coming cycle, all within the same week.

About "cross-project" work, the problem is (as always) that the term is
*very* overloaded. There is actually two kinds of transversal work:

- cross-community work: discussions between all segments of our
community: developers, operators, app developers, organizations building
products on top of OpenStack... This is for example about getting
feedback on recent releases or features, or evolving stable or
deprecation policies, or gathering requirements for future cycles (like
the recent "what would you like to see in Pike" discussion on ops ML).
This needs to happen in a forum where there is representation of all the
segments, i.e. at the Summit.

- inter-project work: discussions between a number of upstream project
teams (for example Nova+Cinder, or all teams using oslo.privsep, or all
devs working on a given release goal, or release liaisons giving
feedback to the release management team, or people involved in
consistent versioned endpoints). This is necessary to break the silos
between teams, and will happen at the PTG. We'll use the week split to
hopefully facilitate that cross-attendance (Mon-Tue vs. Wed-Fri), as
well as a fishbowl room to schedule any necessary inter-project
discussions. If this event format is not cutting it, we'll evolve it for

Obviously there are things that live close to the edge, and for which
there might be a bit of overlap (I suspect we'll be discussing them in
both venues).

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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