[openstack-dev] [release] Release countdown for week R-5, Jan 16-20

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Thu Jan 12 18:34:42 UTC 2017


Feature work and major refactoring should be starting to wrap up
as we approach the third milestone and various feature and release
freeze dates.

The deadline for non-client library releases is Thursday 19 Jan.
We do not grant Feature Freeze Extensions for any libraries, so
that is a hard freeze date. Any feature work that requires updates
to non-client libraries should be prioritized so it can be completed
by that time.

Release Tasks

As we did at the end of Newton, when the time comes to create
stable/ocata branches they will be configured so that members of
the $project-release group in gerrit have permission to approve
patches.  This group should be a small subset of the core review
team, aware of the priorities and criteria for patches to be approved
as we work toward release candidates. Release liaisons should ensure
that these groups exist in gerrit and that their membership is
correct for this cycle.  Please coordinate with the release management
team if you have any questions.

General Notes

We will start the soft string freeze during R-4 (23-27 Jan). See
https://releases.openstack.org/ocata/schedule.html#o-soft-sf for

The release team is now publishing the release calendar using ICS.
Subscribe your favorite calendaring software to
https://releases.openstack.org/schedule.ics for automatic updates.

Important Dates

Final release of non-client libraries: 19 Jan

Ocata 3 Milestone, with Feature and Requirements Freezes: 26 Jan

Ocata release schedule: http://releases.openstack.org/ocata/schedule.html

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