[openstack-dev] [architecture] Return of the Arch-WG meeting -- Two proposals up for discussion

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Tue Jan 10 18:53:22 UTC 2017


With the US holidays over and people returning to their IRC clients,
we'll be holding another Architecture Working Group meeting this
Thursday at 2000 UTC. In preparation, I thought I'd put this out there
so people can come armed with information so we can fully discuss the
two proposals we have and begin to move them through the process toward
improving OpenStack.

To be clear, however, anything that can happen here, on openstack-dev,
should. So please do send your thoughts to the [architecture] tag so we
can use the time in the meeting to resolve the deeper conflicts in our


- The "Base Services" proposal has been accepted as a proposal, and
  needs discussion to organize into work items for assignment. Please
  read the proposal if you are interested. Here is the introduction to
  wet your appetite:

  Components of OpenStack do not run in a vacuum. They leverage
  features present in a number of external services to run. Some of
  those dependencies are local (like a hypervisor on a compute node),
  while some of those are global (like a database). "Base services" are
  those global services that an OpenStack component can assume will be
  present in an "OpenStack" installation, and that they can therefore
  leverage to deliver features. Components of course do not *have to*
  use those, but they can.


- The "Nova Compute API" proposal got a lot of really amazing comments
  just in the proposal review. Thank you everyone who commented there.
  I expect there are still more opinions to gather, but it appears there
  is broad interest in documenting the situation and improving it, with
  some ideas for a future vision already taking shape.

If either of these interest you at all, I'd invite you to read the
proposal and either start a thread on the mailing list, or propose
patches to add background information into the proposal itself. The
goal here is to provide a plan of action that takes us toward better
understanding and improvement of OpenStack's architecture. To do that,
we definitely need your help.

And if you have something you think we should take a look at in addition
to these two, please propose them to the arch-wg repo and bring them to
our attention at the meeting.


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