[openstack-dev] [neutron] performance issue between virtual networks

Kim-Norman Sahm kisahm at t-online.de
Wed Dec 27 13:39:50 UTC 2017


i've detected a performance issue by accessing an floating ip in a
different openstack network (same tenant).

i have one tenant with two internal networks.
each network has its own vrouter which is connectet to the extnet.
the physical network infrastructure is 10Gbit/s.

   VM1 ------|               extnet
   VM2 ------|                  |
         networkB               |
   VM3 ------|                  |
   VM4 ------|

VM1 -> VM2	~8,6Gbit/s
VM3 -> VM4	~8,6GBit/s
VM1 -> vrouter1	~8.6GBit/s
VM4 -> vrouter2 ~8,6GBit/s
vrouter1 -> vrouter2 ~8,6Gbits
VM1 -> VM4	~2,5GBit/s
VM1 -> vrouter2 ~2,5Gbit/s

detected with iperf3
it's an openstack newton environment with openvswitch 2.6.1
VXLAN mtu is 8950 and 9000 for physical interfaces

does anybody has an idea what could be the cause of the performance

Best regards

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