[openstack-dev] Regarding inter-VM inter process communication in OpenStack

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 11:32:03 UTC 2017

On 12/24/2017 12:56 AM, Darshan Tank wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been working on inter-virtual machine inter process communication 
> (IPC) methods.
> I would like to know whether current OpenStack framework supports 
> inter-VM shared memory concept or not ?

No. OpenStack (or at least, the components you are referring to here -- 
Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Glance and Keystone) is a virtual machine and 
baremetal server *management* platform. These components do not get 
involved in the workloads running within the virtual or baremetal machines.

> If not, then what are the mechanisms for inter-VM inter process 
> communication in OpenStack?

There is no specific IPC mechanism used in OpenStack because OpenStack 
isn't at that level of the stack.

If you are looking for true IPC (on a single host between multiple 
*operating system* processes, you probably want to look at doing 
something with Linux containers which can share IPC Linux namespaces.

If you are looking for VMWare DRS-like functionality, you should look at 
a VMWare-specific solution. But AFAIK, that really isn't IPC in the 
sense of sharing operating system process memory. I think DRS is more 
about duplicating writes (to disk/memory) so that (potentially hot) 
standby virtual machines can take over if a failure occurs on another.

VMWare experts should correct me if I'm wrong here.

A more traditional way of doing "IPC" in the virtual machine (and 
multiple host) world is to just set up a communication tunnel over some 
transport mechanism (TCP/UDP/whatever) and send two-way communication 
over this tunnel to keep the two sides' state in sync.


> I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
> Thanks in advance for your support.
> With Warm Regards,
> *Darshan Tank *
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