[openstack-dev] [neutron] Stepping down from core

Rochelle Grober rochelle.grober at huawei.com
Sat Dec 16 01:00:05 UTC 2017


You’ve been great for Neutron.  It’s sad to see you have to cut back, but it’s great to hear you aren’t totally leaving.

Thank you for all of your hard work.  You’ve brought Neutron along quite nicely.  I’d also like to thank you for all of your help with the stadium projects.  Your mentorship has been invaluable.

And thanks for all the fish,

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Hi neutrinos,

To some of you this email may not come as a surprise.

During the past few months my upstream community engagements have been more and more sporadic. While I tried hard to stay committed and fulfill my core responsibilities I feel like I failed to retain the level of quality and consistency that I would have liked ever since I stepped down from being the Neutron PTL back at the end of Ocata.

I stated many times when talking to other core developers that being core is a duty rather than a privilege, and I personally feel like it's way overdue for me to recognize on the mailing list that it's the time that I state officially my intention to step down due to other commitments.

This does not mean that I will disappear tomorrow. I'll continue to be on neutron IRC channels, support the neutron team, being the release liasion for Queens, participate at meetings, and be open to providing feedback to anyone who thinks my opinion is still valuable, especially when dealing with the neutron quirks for which I might be (git) blamed :)


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