[openstack-dev] [networking-ovn] [tripleo] enable open ptcp communication to NB and SB databases

pranab boruah pranabjyotiboruah at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 09:01:37 UTC 2017

Thanks Numan for the reply.

>tripleo takes care of that and there should be no need to run those
>commands manually. Which release of tripleo you are using ?
We are using Pike. My bad, I was looking for the aforementioned
commands and didn't check the code properly for the alternate way to
use open tcp based communication.

I have couple of follow-up questions:

1. Is the open TCP(no SSL) based mechanism enabled by default in
TripleO ? Or we have to set a config parameter for using open TCP ?
2. In actual production deployments, is open TCP used instead of SSL?


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