[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Blueprints moved out to Rocky

Mark Hamzy hamzy at us.ibm.com
Wed Dec 13 22:22:47 UTC 2017

> I just need an understanding on the impact and the timeline. Replying
> here is sufficient.
> I assume since some of this work was sort of done earlier outside of
> tripleo and does not affect the default installation path that most
> folks will consume, it shouldn't be impacting to general testing or
> increase regressions. My general requirement for anyone who needed an
> FFE for functionality that isn't essential is that it's off by
> default, has minimal impact to the existing functionality and we have
> a rough estimate on feature landing.  Do you have idea when you expect
> to land this functionality? Additionally the patches seem to be
> primarily around the ironic integration so have those been sorted out?

I have been working on a multi-architecture patch for TripleO and am 
ready to submit a WIP to r.o.o.  I have delayed until I can get all of the
testcases passing.

Currently the patches exist at:


And the full installation instructions are at:

What I have done at a high level is to rename the images into architecture 
images.  For example,

(undercloud) [stack at oscloud5 ~]$ openstack image list
| ID                                   | Name                          | 
Status |
| fa0ed7cb-21d7-427b-b8cb-7c62f0ff7760 | ppc64le-bm-deploy-kernel      | 
active |
| 94dc2adf-49ce-4db5-b914-970b57a8127f | ppc64le-bm-deploy-ramdisk     | 
active |
| 6c50587d-dd29-41ba-8971-e0abf3429020 | ppc64le-overcloud-full        | 
active |
| 59e512a7-990e-4689-85d2-f1f4e1e6e7a8 | x86_64-bm-deploy-kernel       | 
active |
| bcad2821-01be-4556-b686-31c70bb64716 | x86_64-bm-deploy-ramdisk      | 
active |
| 3ab489fa-32c7-4758-a630-287c510fc473 | x86_64-overcloud-full         | 
active |
| 661f18f7-4d99-43e8-b7b8-f5c8a9d5b116 | x86_64-overcloud-full-initrd  | 
active |
| 4a09c422-3de0-46ca-98c3-7c6f1f7717ff | x86_64-overcloud-full-vmlinuz | 
active |

This will change existing functionality.

I still need to work with RedHat on changing the patch for their needs, 
but it currently can
deploy an x86_64 undercloud, an x86_64 overcloud controller node and a 
ppc64le overcloud
compute node.

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