[openstack-dev] [ceilometer] about workload partition

李田清 tianqing at unitedstack.com
Fri Dec 1 10:03:56 UTC 2017

     we test workload partition, and find it's much slower than not using it.
     After some review, we find that, after get samples from notifications.sample
     ceilometer unpacks them and sends them one by one to the pipe 
     ceilometer.pipe.*, this will make the consumer slow. Right now, the rabbit_qos_prefetch_count to 1. If we sent it to 10, the connection will be reset
     regularly. Under this pos, the consumer will be very slow in workload partition. If you do not use workload partition, the messages can all be consumer. If you use it, the messages in pipe will be piled up more and more。
    May be right now workload partition is not a good choice? Or any suggestion?
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