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Our [Fault-Genes WG] has been working on defining the fault classifications for key OpenStack projects in an effort to support OpenStack fault management & self-healing.
We have been using machine learning (unsupervised data) as a method to look into all bugs and issues submitted by the community and it has been very challenging to define the classification completely by the machine.
We have decided to go with supervised data set. In order to do this, we need to come up with our training data.

We need your help to generate the training data set. Basically, we only need 2 or 3 unique fault classifications with a short description and the associated mitigations from each member who is familiar with OpenStack design & operation. This way we can build a focused library of faults & mitigations for each project.
Once this data is accumulated, we will develop our own specific algorithms that can be applied to all future OpenStack issues.
Thanks in advance for your support.


Fault Classification


Root Cause





Below are examples of what a couple of developers in Neutron have provided. I am sure there are other types of fault classifications in Neurton that have not been captured in this table.

Fault Classification

Root Cause


Network Connectivity Issues

Virtual interface in the VM admin down

Un-shut the virtual interface

Virtual interface does not have IP address via DHCP

Depends on lower level root cause

Virtual network does not have interface to the router

Add virtual network as one of the router interfaces

vNIC port of VM not active (stuck in build)

Depends on lower level root cause

Security group lock in traffic

Fix the security group to allow relevant traffic

Unable to Add Port to Bridge

Libvirtd in Apparmor is blocking

allow Libvirtd profile in Appamor

No Valid Host Found/insufficient hypervisor resources

Compute nodes do not have sufficient resources

free up required compute storage and memory resources on compute node

No Resource

Configuration issues

Change config setting

Authentication/permissions error

Configuration error such as port # or Password

Make sure end points are properly configured

Gateway access not reachable

Use custom keep-alive health-check

Design issue of OpenStack Network node

Out of band health checking mechanism

Security Group Mis-configuration

The security group

Change security rules/Programming the security group

DNS Attack

Implement CERT alerts updates

Network design issue

Network storm

Reduce L2 broadcast domain


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