[openstack-dev] [dns]I want to ask questions about designate

daixianmeng at yovole.com daixianmeng at yovole.com
Fri Aug 11 06:50:52 UTC 2017

Hello, I am doing the DNS research on the DNS:

My environment:

Centos7.2, Ocata version, builds according to the document of the official website, builds success.

The virtual machine created by default has dnsname, such as vm01.example.org, which can ping into it.

Ny problem is:

1. Only the domain name between the same subnet and the domain name can be ping into it.

2. The virtual machine has internally modified the virtual machine hostname, but the domain name corresponding to the vm is still old. What should I do to update it?

3. Create domain (example02.org) to be updated to subnet, but use the subnet to create virtual machine, domain suffix is still example.org, not example02.org.

I want to know the plan of designate, where can I find the doc?

Thank you!

daixianmeng at yovole.com

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